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Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The City of Niterói is one of the 22 municipalities that make up the Greater Rio de Janeiro Metroplex.  It is a charming city of about 500,000 across the Bay of Guanabara from the City of Rio, and is locally known for its unsurpassed views of Rio and the iconic Contemporary Art Museum designed by world famous architect Oscar Niemeyer.  For history buffs, there is the Santa Cruz da Barra Fortress that repelled an attempted invasion by the Netherlands in 1599.  It also witnessed the arrival of the Portuguese royal family in 1808 and the proclamation of the Republic in 1889.

If you want a place away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas, Niterói is the perfect place to stay while visiting Rio de Janeiro.

The Beaches of Itacoatiara, Camboinhas, and Itaipu

Niterói is also famous for its pristine shore along the Atlantic Ocean that includes the beaches of Itacoatiara, Camboinhas, and Itaipu.  Here, you will enjoy being close to nature on beautiful, rustic beaches. You won’t find any high-rises or 6 lane streets here. Itacoatiara regularly hosts surfing competitions from around the world.  Camboinhas is known for its beach services and beautiful views.  Itaipu is home to a fishing community where you can get fresh-off-the-boat seafood specialties right on the sand at several delightful beach restaurants.

São Francisco

São Francisco is an upscale neighborhood of Niterói that is home to many fine restaurants, catering to every taste and budget.  These range from elegant dining with extensive wine selections, to simpler fare that spills out onto the street.  This beach has beautiful views of Rio both day and night.  For a lively nightlife and sample of authentic Brazilian culture, São Francisco and the Jardim Icaraí are the places to be. Here, you are much more likely to encounter a real Brazilian than another tourist.  The beaches that front the Bay of Guanabara are great places for sun, caipirinhas, and people watching, but we recommend the beaches mentioned above if you want to get in the water.

Nature Lovers

Yes, we are nature lovers, and we know that many of our guests are too.  When staying with Rio Holiday, you will be immersed in the natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro.  The Mirante de Guanabara is located in a nature preserve that also contains the Parque da Cidade (City Park).  In fact, the park is only a short hike from the hotel.  We love the little micos that are plentiful in Niterói.  They are a species of marmoset that is often confused with squirrel monkeys. 

Rio Holiday Mirante de Guanabara

The City of Niterói directly borders the City of Rio de Janeiro on its east side.  The Rio Holiday Mirante de Guanabara is in the quiet residential neighborhood of São Francisco, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   We are a short way up a winding street that ends at the Parque da Cidade.  Our panoramic view is one of the best that you will find in any accommodation in Rio since it includes Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, the Bay of Guanabara, spectacular sunsets, Sugar Loaf, and the world-famous Cristo do Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue in the distance.

Rio Holiday Mirante de Guanabara
345 Rua Nossa Senhora de Lourdes
São Francisco, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 24360-420

Most would-be visitors to Rio fail to internalize the size of the city.  According to the latest estimates, Greater Rio de Janeiro is the third largest metropolitan area in South America and the sixth largest in the Americas, with a population of almost 14 million. For comparison, the population of Greater New York City, which consists of 31 counties in four states, is about 19.6 million.  The inevitable consequence is that there is no place that you can stay and be close to everything.  All locations will require transportation, and there are places in the City of Rio that are farther from the major attractions than Niterói. 

Rio’s most popular tourist attraction by far is the statue of Christ the Redeemer, atop Corcovado.  We are about 26 minutes from there by car in good traffic.  Cristo is about 15 minutes from Copacabana in similar conditions.  There is also a foot traffic catamaran that leaves regularly from Charitas for Rio Centro.  This is a recommended method just for the fun of it.

Almost all international flights arrive at RioGaleão–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, (GIG).  The estimated driving time to the Rio Holiday Mirante de Guanabara is about 24 minutes.  For comparison, the driving time from GIG to Copacabana is about 19 minutes.

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