Terms & Conditions

At Rio Holiday, it is our general policy to be transparent and fair. We don’t like unpleasant surprises and we don’t wish for our guests to be unpleasantly surprised. All transactions with Rio Holiday are governed by the following terms and conditions.

Prior to Booking

There is a minimum 3-night stay required. During Carnaval and New Years, the minimum stay is 7 nights.

All guests must be 18 years of age or older. We love kids, but we want to maintain an adult atmosphere at our hotel. We might make a rare exception, so contact us if this is an issue for you.

Pets or service animals are not allowed. This is not a problem for most of our guests because they will be arriving by air from another country. The difficulties of importing a pet or service animal into Brazil and then repatriating it to your home country are very high.

Stairs are not generally a concern at our hotel. We have an elevator and there is only one room that requires access by stairs. This is the Itacoatiara Suite.

Payments and Cancellations

Reservations may not be cancelled or refunded 14 days or less prior to arrival.

If you make a reservation through one of our consolidators such as AirBnB, HomeAway, Trivago, etc., you must follow the cancellation and refund rules of that organization.

Some of our rates may be non-refundable. In particular, our Grand Opening Special is a non-refundable rate, except that it may be cancelled within 48 hours of making the reservation if such cancellation would occur more than 14 days prior to arrival.

Special Grand Opening Provision: As has been stated elsewhere on our site, some of our rooms have not yet been photographed because the rooms are still undergoing renovation. In keeping with our policy of “no unpleasant surprises”, we will publish and/or email the picture of your suite as soon as possible. Anyone who has made a reservation without being able to see an actual photo of their room may cancel their reservation, with a full refund, within 48 hours of being emailed the room photo. Once a photo has been published, this special provision no longer applies to that room.

Upon Arrival

Our property is subject to Brazilian law and regulations. All guests must register and show their passport. Brazilian residents do not need a passport, but will be required to show a photo ID.

Guests shall at all times show respect for other guests, personal property, staff, local wildlife, and local plant life. You may be asked to leave if you violate Brazilian law, or if you are a nuisance or a danger to other guests or property. We want everyone to have a good time, but there are limits. This is just common sense. If you are ejected for one of these reasons, the remainder of your prepaid stay will not be refunded.

The Mirante de Guanabara is a drug free property. Recreational drugs are not legal in Brazil and we ask our guests to obey all Brazilian laws.

Smoking is permitted only outside and in designated zones.

Visitors to your guest room or to our common areas are allowed, but only under certain conditions. Rio Holiday reserves the right to prohibit a visitor from entering facility should our staff determine that the presence of this person represents a risk to security or will adversely affect our ambiance or policies. You will be charged for an overnight visitor if you have paid for a single room. You are responsible for all charges generated by your visitor or any damage caused.

Other charges may be generated during your stay. Examples are food and beverage (except the complimentary champagne breakfast), tours, tour guides, transportation, excursions, and gift shop. Also included are any other miscellaneous services or fees paid by Rio Holiday on behalf of the Guest. Rio Holiday reserves the right to request a payment on the account whenever the Guest’s bill for extra charges exceeds USD $400.  Such payment may be made via cash or credit card. Acceptable currencies are US Dollars, Brazilian Reals, or Euros.