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Coming Soon to Rio de Janeiro, South America’s First Luxury Hostel

Something Marvelous Is Happening In The  Marvelous City!  Rio Holiday is converting its luxury mansion on the hill overlooking Guanabara Bay into South America’s first Luxury Hostel.  Just in time for Carnaval 2016 and the Summer Olympics 2016 in Brazil, this beautiful home will be receiving guests in a level of accommodation, services, and activities never seen before.

A Luxury Hostel is a new concept in travel.  It combines the best  available features and services in dormitory style accommodations while keeping the price point as economical as possible.  You can think of it as better facilities, better services, and better activities than an older style hostel.

Better Facilities

Hostel Royale is a brand new facility.   Here are some of the features you can expect:

Modern Guest Kitchen.  Alongside the pool is a fully equipped guest kitchen that is available 24 hours per day.   Here, Hostel Royale guests can prepare anything from a sandwich to a gourmet meal. On rainy days, the staff may hold cooking or bartending classes here.

Pod Style Beds.  Our beds are longer, using the same size mattress that is standard for universities in North America.  These mattresses are custom made for Hostel Royale and features inner springs for a good night’s sleep.  Each bed is bolted to the wall, so that movement of the guests above or below do not disturb others.  There are privacy curtains on each pod, reading lamps, and charging ports for your personal electronic items.

Private Lockers.  Each pod bed has a locker that can be secured by your own padlock.  Inside each is another charging port so that you can leave items locked up and charging while you are out.  If you have larger luggage items, we can store those for you in a secure area.

Rooftop Pool and Recreation Room.  We are very proud of our leisure deck, occupying the entire top floor of the villa.  There is a large swimming pool and a recreation room featuring a pool table and other group games.  The view from this deck is one of the best in Greater Rio.

More bathrooms.  Our bathroom facilities are a combination of private bathrooms and dormitory style bathrooms with privacy doors.  We have these organized in various convenient locations, making it possible for guests to have a shower at any time.  We have a special instant hot water system to make sure that a cold shower is never necessary.

Serious Wi-Fi.  We have spared no expense on our state of the art Wi-Fi system.  There are sufficient access points to ensure that everyone can get an internet logon from any room in the house, all at the same time.  Our system supports the very latest 802.11ac standards that provide the highest bandwidth possible for the latest devices, while still accommodating older, more common devices.  Bring your phones, tablets, and laptops.

Televisions.  We know that you did not come to Rio to watch TV, but just in case something interest is going on, we have flat screen TVs in various locations, with channels available in several languages.

Better Services

At Hostel Royale, we take our responsibilities to our guests very seriously. We want you to have the best experience possible, so we make sure that our services are complete and professional.

24-hour Front Desk. Our doors are always open. Front desk staff is on duty 24 hours a day, so whether you are checking in at midnight or just coming back from a late night tour, you can always count on our friendly staff to address your needs.

Full Staff. Some hostels ask you to work to help pay for your accommodations. At Hostel Royale, we have full time cleaning staff and only ask that you maintain your personal space and clean up after yourself if you use the kitchen.

Knowledgeable Advice. We know Greater Rio. Our staff knows what is hot, and what is not. We know where tourists can safely go, and what areas may be unsafe. What is the best way to spend your time in Rio? Just tell us what you like, and we will make sure you have a safe and worthwhile experience.

Security. We are very concerned with the safety of our guests while they are staying with us. That is why we have 24-hour security. This includes staff, security cameras, remote monitoring, fire alarms, and exterior personnel. Our location is generally safe, but we take no chances with the security of our guests.

Laundry. We offer a laundry service to our guests. If you need your personal items, there is a moderate charge for these by weight. We also have a very liberal linen policy. Your bed linens and towels will be replaced every three days at no charge. If you feel that you need changes sooner, this can be done for a small fee.

Complimentary Breakfast. We want you to start the day right, so we provide a complimentary waffle and fruit bar every morning. If desired, you can prepare your own food at any time in our beautiful rooftop guest kitchen by the pool.

Transportation. No matter where you stay, no matter where you go, you will need transportation services while in Brazil. Our staff can help you with personal transportation from taxis to busses to private tour guides. You can also sign up for one of our daily group outings and pay only a small fee.

Convenience Store. Whether you have forgotten your toothbrush or need a phone charger, we have you covered at our convenience store. A selection of snacks and beverages is also available.

Multi-Language Support. Guests at Hostel Royale come from all over the world. We are very happy about this, but recognize that not everyone speaks English or Portuguese, the two languages that are always available. To help with this, we have everything from simple picture cards to high tech translation software. Come stay with us, make friends, and learn a few words in another language. It’s fun!

Better Activities

Our visitors want to maximize their vacation time, so we have a full chart of activities, tours, and excursions to help them do just that. Many of our activities are complimentary, where others may require a charge for transportation, show or game tickets, equipment, guides, etc.

Meet New Friends at the Pub. One of the main reasons that people come to a hostel is because of the social environment, and we expect our pub to be the center of activity at the house.  Whether you want to relax with a beer or a caipirinha or some other libation, you can find this in the Pub.   The Pub is indoor/outdoor, and is integrated with our gazebo where you will find some sort of music every night.  We offer light snacks and other food in case you have decided to keep close to the hostel for the day. The Pub is where you meet with new and old friends and plan the next day’s activities.

Daily Activities. There is always something happening at Hostel Royale, and it’s different all the time. Maybe there is a manager’s Happy Hour, music with guest artists, karaoke, guest talent show, or movie night. We might show you how to cook a Brazilian favorite, make the best caipirinha, dance the Samba, or speak Portuguese. We might offer a Brazilian barbeque or a cachaça tasting. In any case, you can choose to join in, or just have a quiet conversation with your friends.

Tours. Our guests typically want to see things. We offer tours with English speaking guides to every major tourist venue. Did you ever want to see a soccer game in Brazil? How about a “noitada” (Portuguese for a night out on the town)? Maybe you are into architecture, art, history, music, or shopping. We make sure that you get to see the right thing at the right time, always in safe company.

Beaches and Restaurants. Most days, there will be a van leaving for a beach. Which beach? Why not try them all? Greater Rio has dozens of beaches and we can take you there and pick you up at a designated time. This is also true for restaurants, bars, and simple shopping. Most people do not need a guide for these places (well, maybe the first time). Many venues are within walking distance of the hostel.

Excursions. These are the type of adventures that are planned one or more days in advance. We work with all of the quality providers in the area. Among the most popular excursions are hang gliding, para gliding, forest tours, white water rafting, fishing, and rock climbing.

Electronic Meet Me. One of Hostel Royale’s luxury innovations is the use of electronic “meet me” and activity sign up. When you register, you may optionally fill out a short profile that describes you and your interests. The parts of this that you select are then placed on our local server and are visible to other guests. Perhaps some are from your homeland, speak your language, or may be interested in tropical birds. By looking at the planned excursions and activities, you can select the ones of interest and sign up. If there is something that you really want to do and it is not on the list, you can propose an outing and see if you can get others to come along. All of this can be done from your own smart phone, tablet, or laptop, or from terminals in the lobby. Did you notice that beautiful Amanda is going to Copacabana on tomorrow’s beach ride? Sign me up!

What’s Next?

Over the next few weeks, we will begin our blog detailing our conversion and telling you about the exciting things to come.  We will also begin taking reservations, including those for the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Stay up to date with all of our news and

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